How You’ll Help

Imagine if your child couldn’t sleep because of the wrenching pain in her belly every night. You struggle to earn enough to provide a meager meal for her, but the worms in her tummy suck all the nutrients from her food. And instead of growing, like a child should, she looks like she’s wasting away…

But worms can be eliminated almost as quickly as they’re contracted. It costs just 44 cents to cure a child from painful parasites.

This pill cures children

How It Works

  1. A single dose of deworming medicine eliminates the worms from a child’s body almost immediately, bringing relief from pain and suffering.
  2. Young bodies depleted of nutrients are restored with the help of vitamin A, and a healthier diet.
  3. Clean water, sanitation and hygiene training help prevent reinfection and keep kids healthy.

Watch the video to learn how the 44-Cent Cure works.

For $44, you can cure 100 children from worms. $44 a month cures 1,200 children in a year. That’s an amazing value! You'll help transform a child's life in lasting, significant ways.