Intestinal worms are one of the most common causes of poor health for children living in poverty. When latrines, clean water, and good hygiene are not present in their villages, the risk for stomach worms is high.

Children show symptoms of worms when they don’t have an appetite, feel severe stomach pain, and aren’t able to absorb nutrients. Many drop out of school because they aren’t able to manage the symptoms and the pain is too great.

How You’ll Help

Imagine if your child couldn’t sleep because of the wrenching pain in her belly every night. You struggle to earn enough to provide a meager meal for her, but the worms in her tummy suck all the nutrients from her food. And instead of growing, like a child should, she looks like she’s wasting away…

But worms can be eliminated almost as quickly as they’re contracted. It costs just 44 cents to cure a child from painful parasites.

This pill cures children

How It Works

  1. A single dose of deworming medicine eliminates the worms from a child’s body almost immediately, bringing relief from pain and suffering.
  2. Young bodies depleted of nutrients are restored with the help of vitamin A, and a healthier diet.
  3. Clean water, sanitation and hygiene training help prevent reinfection and keep kids healthy.

Watch the video to learn how the 44-Cent Cure works.

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For $44, you can cure 100 children from worms. $44 a month cures 1,200 children in a year. That’s an amazing value! You'll help transform a child's life in lasting, significant ways.