Teaching children to help others

The 44-Cent Cure Children’s Outreach Project offers kids the opportunity to help hundreds or thousands of children around the world by collecting coins.

Approximately 40% of the world’s children are affected by intestinal parasites, usually caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. Parasites affect a child’s development and cause hunger, nausea and lack of energy. In about 60,000 severe cases each year, they take lives.

For Vacation Bible School mission projects, Bible clubs and Children’s ministries, the 44-Cent Cure Children’s Outreach Project gives children an opportunity to make a significant impact through hands-on experience, while teaching them compassion for other children around the world, especially those living in poverty.

The 44-Cent Cure Children’s Outreach Project includes:

For more information, or to order the 44-Cent Cure Children’s Program, please contact Dave Curtiss at (206) 289-7833.

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Why Is This Important?

More than 1/3 of the world's population suffers from worms, with the most intense infections in children and the poor. Infection can negatively impact all aspects of a child's development. Worms are often ingested as eggs through contaminated water. They grow in the intestines of their host and cause many problems.

How We Help

  1. We begin with a chewable dose of Membendazole (de-worming medication) and vitamin A
  2. The medication kills the worms in the intestinal tract and the vitamin supplement helps it work
  3. Vitamin A increases immunity and helps prevent blindness
  4. We return in six months for another dose
  5. We educate people on the importance of good sanitation and hygiene in order to keep the worms away
  6. We build latrines in villages and teach hand washing. Often, children learn about germs for the first time
  7. Whenever possible, we also build clean water systems to prevent the worms from returning