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About World Concern

World Concern is a Christian global relief and development agency extending opportunity and hope to people facing extreme poverty.

With your partnership, World Concern’s efforts reach deep into the most remote corners of the planet, where climate and geography, societal instability and scarce infrastructure create incredible challenges to the people living there.

We seek to fully immerse ourselves in the interests of the people we serve, enabling us to plan, scale, and develop programs tailored to each particular community’s circumstance.

We ask the people we help to serve with us — building the programs they need — enabling them to realize their God-given potential.

Children speak with World Concern Sri Lanka country director Selina during a children's club meeting in Northern Sri Lanka.
Children speak with World Concern Sri Lanka country director Selina during a children's club meeting in Northern Sri Lanka.

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Our Mission

World Concern partners to transform the lives of poor and marginalized people through disaster response and sustainable community development. The love of Christ compels us to pursue reconciliation and equip those we serve, so that they may in turn share with others.

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Our Values

Christ is our foundation. He is at the center of everything we do. Striving to be like Him, we love, value, and respect all people equally, pursuing reconciliation with God and praying for those we serve.

We are responsible stewards of our resources, upholding honesty and transparency as we work to implement our programs around the world.

We are servant leaders who demonstrate excellence in our interactions with beneficiaries and partners, developing competent leaders committed to the mission of holistic transformation.

We follow Christ's example of service, showing dignity to every person, meeting their needs, and putting the needs of others before our own.

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Your Role at World Concern

As part of the World Concern team, you will play a role in our efforts to alleviate poverty in some of the world's poorest communities. Your role may involve one or several short and long-term programs that focus on the following:

World Concern staff Harrison Macharia distributes deworming medication to elementary students near Narok, Kenya.
World Concern staff Harrison Macharia distributes deworming medication to elementary students near Narok, Kenya.
  • Community and Public Health

    Build diverse community-based health programs aimed at improving physical and psycho-social health, maternal and child health, hygiene practices, nutrition, and disability-related services.

  • Disaster Response

    Design and implement rapid responses to natural and man-made disasters with a focus on food, shelter, water, and sanitation.

  • Transformational Development

    As part of a holistic approach that includes spiritual transformation, we integrate biblical values in all our work in order to see individuals and communities return to God's intended design for life. To achieve this, we make sure our programs are Spirit-led, holistic, inclusive, reproducing, empowering, and sustainable.

  • Livelihoods and Food Security

    Design, implement, monitor, and evaluate livelihood and food security programs as part of a holistic approach to community development.

  • Operations

    Manage, direct, and evaluate the organization's fiscal and operational performance and build resources to support strategic business goals, serving as a bridge between headquarters and international teams.

Hamida, 27, a Rohingya refugee shares her story with World Concern president Jacinta Tegman.
Hamida, 27, a Rohingya refugee shares her story with World Concern president Jacinta Tegman.

"World Concern is a mission, vision, values-driven organization. We work to see the lives of the poor and marginalized transformed around the world in some of the most difficult places on the planet. We are looking for called, competent, compassionate people who are eager to use their gifts, talents, and experience to eliminate human suffering at the global level. Join us and join a team of passionate humanitarians making a difference for Christ around the world." Jacinta Tegman President, World Concern

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What We Look For

We seek to use our God-given gifts and talents to initiate transformation in poor communities. Here are the skills and abilities we look for in potential candidates.

  • Committed

    Aligns with the organization's vision, mission, and values

  • Communicates

    Clearly Gives and receives information with clarity and understanding

  • Takes Initiative

    Proactively pursues opportunities and makes sure nothing is overlooked

  • Objective

    Draws conclusions through evaluation, without prejudice or bias

  • Results-Oriented

    Creates structure that meets the needs of beneficiaries and stakeholders effectively

  • Accountable

    Welcomes feedback about the performance of oneself and others

  • Maintains

    Excellence Sets and maintains high standards

  • Leadership

    Inspires and energizes others to work together and achieve success

  • Stewardship

    Responsibly uses resources and strives for efficiency

  • Team-Oriented

    Demonstrates commitment to team activities and works effectively with others

  • Empathetic

    Shows awareness for the feelings and concerns of others

  • Open-Minded

    Shows openness to new information, thoughts, and ideas, and welcomes opportunities to grow

  • Personal Integrity

    Demonstrates trustworthiness, and can be relied on to act and speak with honesty

  • Self-Aware

    Manages personal strengths and weaknesses effectively

  • Transparent

    Exhibits openness while maintaining personal privacy

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Join The Transformation

If your calling aligns with our mission, we invite you to join us in bringing practical help, transformation, and reconciliation to those living in extreme poverty. And to be a part of seeing our world transformed from poverty to the abundance of life.

  • Headquarters Positions

    Harun Located in Seattle, Washington, you must be legally eligible to work in the United States to qualify for these positions.

  • Overseas Positions

    Harun These are primarily management-level positions based in the countries where we serve.

  • Deputized Positions

    Christena Based overseas, these positions require candidates to raise 100% of their support through personal fundraising.

Current Openings

World Concern has been experiencing an increase in phishing attacks (email scams). The scams reference fraudulent job opportunities and ask individuals to share additional information. Requests for additional information may include completion of entry assessment forms and/or requiring test scores for employment. These emails are not legitimate and should be deleted or reported to www.ic3.gov.

Legitimate job postings for World Concern can be found on our Career Page (https://worldconcern.org/about/careers/). If you have questions as to whether a notice is legitimate or not, please email info@worldconcern.org.

  • "World Concern gives me an incredible opportunity to contribute, learn and grow, today as much as on the day I joined in 2003. I find meaning in working with our national and expat team to reduce preventable deaths of young children, protect the most vulnerable, and build capacity with local organizations. Working with World Concern means working with dedicated and honest people. I love working here." Jacob Engelage Country Director, Myanmar

  • "I work for World Concern because of the organization's passion for championing the role of the local church in bringing justice, transforming people's lives and overcoming global poverty. I have found World Concern to be a listening, caring partner of the people they serve, helping them to rise out of poverty by working alongside them and making use of their own resourcefulness and determination. Moreover, I strongly associate with the organization's values. I feel amply supported and welcomed!" Humphrey Kimani Livelihoods and Food Security Technical Specialist

  • "Serving at World Concern is a privilege. I get to be part of a worldwide team of professionals committed to sharing the love of Christ with "the least of these" in Asia, Africa and Haiti. Because I support our national staff, I am able to make a difference in the lives of individual women who would otherwise have little hope for themselves or their families. " Susan Talbot Senior Desk Officer

  • "I always wanted to serve Jesus and work in a Christian Organization. World Concern gives an appropriate platform to serve God in all what we do. We have the freedom to develop culturally appropriate programs together with the communities so we are able to make a difference in the lives of most vulnerable women and children." Selina Prem Country Director, Sri Lanka

  • "Disaster response can often be shortsighted, focusing only on immediate physical needs and not addressing underlying causes. Working with World Concern means that I am a part of a greater transformational work within a community, addressing both immediate life-saving needs and continuing the development journey towards resilience." Chris Sheach Director, Disaster Response

  • "Working with people is a lifestyle rather than a job to me. A lifestyle that seeks to bring communities closer to God. We witness individuals make choices to follow Christ as a results we see improvement in relationships. They also achieve their goals, access good health and clean water, produce their own food and they give testimonies of Christ love for them every day." Irene Nyambura Coordinator, OVT South Sudan