Your Gift Transforms a Life!

Join us in 2019!
Your gift today provides life-saving assistance, like clean water and so much more.

Your gift reaches beyond the end of the road to the poorest, hard-to-reach communities in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Haiti, bringing immediate help and lasting transformation to children and families who need it most.

Your gift today provides:

  • Clean, disease-free water to a family trapped in a cycle of disease and poverty
  • Emergency food to a child who is on the brink of starvation
  • Protection for teens targeted by human traffickers
  • Education to girls and boys who long for a better future
  • Transformation to entire communities And so much more!

You’ll meet practical, critical needs and enable families to look beyond today and envision a tomorrow that is filled with promise. Your gift is delivered with God’s love and helps those in greatest need move from extreme poverty to the abundant life God intends for them.