Give the life-saving gift of water

2X MATCH: Every $20 provides water for TWO people

Millions of women, children, and families struggle to survive without access to clean water.

Some have to make an hours-long round trip every day, on foot, to find enough water to stay alive.

Often, the only water available is filthy — infested with dangerous bacteria. So children, the most vulnerable, are often sick. Diarrhea, skin disease, and waterborne diseases are “normal.” Kids miss school, keeping them trapped in extreme poverty.

Your gift today will deliver innovative solutions to provide water for children and families in need.

You’ll empower local communities to innovate a solution that lasts: a well, a sand dam, a gravity-fed water system, water filters, rainwater collection systems, and more....

Your gift today will help children get healthy, stay healthy, and stay in school. You’ll help communities rise up out of generations of poverty.

It only takes an average of $20 to provide clean water to one mom, dad, or child.

And thanks to special matching grants, any gift you give today will be matched dollar-for-dollar, its impact DOUBLED.

Please give now!