Critical Needs Matching ChallengeDOUBLE Your Impact Please give by December 31

Halimo’s daughter needs your help now.
Your gift – doubled through the Critical Needs Matching Challenge – will provide life-saving aid for families in need!

There are families living in remote, impoverished villages who are barely surviving today. They need you to give them the basic necessities of life – food, clean water, protection, shelter, and spiritual renewal.

Without your help, these families may not survive.

Your gift today will save TWICE as many lives, thanks to special matching grants. It will give food to starving children, clean water to families who suffer with waterborne diseases, and shelter to families who have lost everything because of extreme weather and war. Your gift will also protect children and women from the threat of trafficking.

Most of all, your gift demonstrates the love of Christ in practical ways that open the hearts of men, women and children to receive the love of God.

Because of you, the most critical needs of families will be met today.

Please give your best gift today.