Feed children & families!

The End Hunger Today—Prevent Hunger Tomorrow Matching Challenge TRIPLES your gift

Drought and flooding are ravaging the food supplies of the nations of Somalia, South Sudan, and parts of Kenya. Even worse, this region relies on grain imported from Russia and Ukraine, but those supply lines have been cut—prices have sky-rocketed. Hunger is everywhere.

People can’t make ends meet ... parents can’t feed their children.

Your gift today will rush emergency food to hungry children and families and save their lives—and help to prevent hunger in the months and years ahead by providing tools, training, livestock, and more.

And for a limited time, the End Hunger Today—Prevent Hunger Tomorrow matching challenge will TRIPLE your gift for emergency short-term aid and long-term aid as well. But the deadline is June 30, so please don’t wait. The challenge fund will match your gift dollar for dollar—every $1 will become $3 in life-saving aid.

Your online gift is urgently needed NOW. Children are hungry—your gift now will feed them and save their lives with TRIPLE the impact.

Please give now! Thank you!