Please give clean water to a family like Lang’s! 

Lang's daughter smiles as she holds up a glass of clean and safe drinking water!
Your gift of clean water saves lives!

Imagine how it must feel to know the water you’re giving your children will make them sick. That’s how Lang and his wife felt whenever they gave one of their six children some of the murky water they had to drink.

The water Lang’s family drank was dirty and filled with disease. It made the family sick with headaches, fevers, and body aches. And it gave them stomach aches and diarrhea.

But there was no other water to drink. They needed help from someone like you.

Then everything changed for Lang’s family when a generous donor gave them a water filter and they learned how to use it. For only $39 the family was given safe, disease-free water and all the waterborne diseases they had went away.

Lang says it’s changed their lives!  

“The water from the filter tastes delicious — and has no dirt!” he joyfully exclaims. 

When you give, you make a life-saving impact by providing clean water for families in desperate need. 

You can give safe, disease-free water to a family like Lang’s for only $39. Just $39 for a water filter that will transform a family’s entire life! 

Your gift directly provides safe, disease-free water for families in some of the most remote, impoverished places in the world. 

Please give now. Thank you!