2x the impact when you give today! 2x Food and Hope Challenge Every gift DOUBLED in impact!

Your gift to the 2x Food and Hope Challenge DOUBLES to provide food and hope to families desperately in need!

You can help share compassionate aid in the name of Christ with desperate children, families, and communities in war zones, refugee camps, and other dangerous areas.

The 2x Food and Hope Challenge DOUBLES your impact today …

But only for a limited time!

These are areas of the world where not many can — or will — go. And we are already there! We simply need your help to meet the urgent need. So many desperate parents trying to feed their children! So many communities starving.

Please give now, the need is great.

  • It costs just $10 to feed one child for a month.
  • Today your gift is DOUBLED — every $10 feeds TWO children for a month!
  • $120 is DOUBLED to feed 24 children for an entire month!

How many will you feed? Please respond today! Children are hungry right now … and they and their families desperately need help and hope!