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A little girl in Kenya named Naishorua walks for hours every day to collect water from a filthy watering hole. She clears scum away from the surface and fills her heavy jug to take it back home for her family. The water makes her sick with parasites that cause diarrhea, headaches, and rob her little body of nutrients.

Naishorua knows this water will make her sick, but she has no other choice. This is the only source of water available.

You can provide Naishorua with clean water with the simple gift of a water filter. For only $39, this water filter will remove the dirt and bacteria that are making her sick. And right now your gift will DOUBLE to provide two water filters for a family like Naishorua’s!

Naishorua is constantly sick because she is drinking this filthy water. Your gift of a water filter will help rescue her and her family from this sickness!

Please give today so Naishorua and others like her can drink clean, life-giving water.