Children and their families in Haiti are suffering!

Stand with World Concern today to help

Haiti is a nation in turmoil.

Decades of corrupt leadership, devastating poverty, and the loss of sustainable industry due to natural disaster—drought, flooding, and a devastating earthquake—have led to a state of lawlessness. Terrorist gangs rule the streets.

Their activity, criminal. Their violence, unmatched.

We must intervene to save lives ... to bring hope, opportunity, and the promise of a future to children and their families.

Today, in addition to providing immediate need, your generosity will empower four critical life-saving programs in Haiti:

  • Economic empowerment—education on how to earn/save income

  • Livelihood and animals—training, supplies, livestock for farming

  • Disaster preparation—installation of seismic alarm system, assistance for the most vulnerable, training, etc.

  • Hygiene and disease prevention—to include access to clean water, latrines, a health clinic, disease awareness training ...

It’s our time to make a bold difference in Haiti. Let’s stand together to transform this broken country!

Where their government has failed them … where violence holds them bound … where the curse of poverty maintains a firm grip—we can break through the darkness and shine the light of Christ, by providing a way up, a better future for the children … hope for tomorrow.

Please help with your most generous gift today!