Families on the brink of famine
YOUR gift doubled in impact —
2x Match for Hunger Survival Kits

Half of South Sudan’s population is experiencing severe hunger this year. Millions of families are on the brink of famine …

Thank God for the 2x match that doubles your gift to provide Hunger Survival Kits for twice as many hungry children and families.

You can rush life-saving aid to families in need!

Each Hunger Survival Kit provides immediate life-saving aid AND long-term impact and includes:

  • Emergency food to keep people alive right now: eggs, meat, fish, and nutritious vegetables TODAY
  • A farming or a fishing start-up kit that includes tools and seeds or nets and hooks
  • Training needed to grow nutritious food — for months and years to come.

You’ll give help today, help tomorrow, and you’ll help feed a family going forward.

This life-saving kit costs about $46 to provide to each family — but today because of the match, every $23 you give will provide a Hunger Survival Kit for a family! Every $46 provides emergency relief for 2 families … $92 for 4 families!

Every gift DOUBLED provides twice as many Hunger Survival Kits. Please help save lives now.