Double Your Impact:
To Save Lives and Share God’s Love

Every $1 will become $2 in life-saving aid because of the match.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire world to its knees. As hard as it is for the developed world, it poses a much greater threat for families living in least developed nations—the threat of starvation.

In the wake of Coronavirus there is a hunger crisis that the U.N. predicts will DOUBLE the number of people without enough food to live. Families who are barely surviving now will not make it without help.

One of these families is Sokina’s. With a disabled husband and two young daughters, Sokina works every day to make enough money for food. Then Coronavirus hit Bangladesh and the government lockdown trapped her at home, unable to work. Sokina’s fear of the virus killing her family is doubled each night as she listens to her daughters crying from hunger.

A global pandemic like this destroys already fragile economies and infrastructures! And that means families are suffering with hunger and disease.

Thankfully, generous donors have offered to match every dollar donated for a limited time, to help rush life-saving aid to impoverished families amidst the pandemic.

You can rescue families like Sokina’s with your gift today — and it will be doubled by the 2x match! Please don’t wait: the deadline is July 31. Every $1 you give will become $2 in life-saving aid because of the match!

Please give generously today.