India in CRISIS – Help Save Lives

You’ve seen the news, and it’s heartbreaking. Deadly variants of the COVID-19 virus are spreading like wildfire through India – leaving chaos and death in their wake.

Hospitals are overwhelmed and the medical system is at risk of collapsing. Officials fear that 700,000 people could die in the next three months…

Your help is needed now.

World Concern’s network of Christian partners on the ground are responding to meet critical needs: oxygen, PPEs, and vital funds for community medical facilities to purchase supplies quickly and locally.

With millions of people living in extreme poverty in India, nation-wide lockdowns mean poor families have no food or income. Vouchers for cash and food are critical to saving lives.

Cases are rising to dangerous levels in Nepal, Bangladesh, and other countries bordering India where World Concern works.

Please pray—and please give what you can right now to help save lives and halt this crisis in India.