Save a Life with Your Gift of Clean Water

You can send safe, disease-free water for a family like Nolkeresi’s for only $20.
On average, it costs just $20 to provide safe, disease-free water to one person. Please give today.

Nolkeresi walks six hours every day to get water for her family to drink. She carries with her a heavy, five-gallon water can to fill, which she straps to her back in order to carry it home.

But the water inside is dirty, and contaminated with bacteria and parasites.

You can send safe, disease-free water to someone like Nolkeresi for only $20. That’s the average cost to provide someone clean water for years to come. It’s an incredible, life-saving deal!

A village well, water filter, or rainwater tank are just a few of the ways clean water can transform a family or a community.

Moms like Nolkeresi know the water they bring back to their children is not safe, but there is no other water available.

Every $20 you give can help deliver safe and disease free water for moms and their children to drink. Your gift is life-saving for someone in some of the most challenging, hard to reach places.

Give now to send clean water to someone like Nolkeresi.