Your Gift Doubles to Feed a Starving Child

Sapukin needs life-saving Nutripackets
Your $11 gift will double to feed 2 children like Sapukin for a month with life-saving Nutripackets.

Sapukin is lucky to eat one meal a day.

Where Sapukin lives in Kenya, there has not been rain for over a year. Crops aren’t able to grow and the animals are dying. This means children aren’t able to get the food they need to grow. Many little ones, like Sapukin are starving.

You can save the life of a child like Sapukin’s today.

It costs just $11 to give a one-month supply of emergency food to help restore a child to health. And, thanks to special matching grants, your gift will DOUBLE to send life-saving food to two children!

Just one packet of emergency food is full of all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients a child like Sapukin needs to go from starving to healthy. When a child eats one of these packets for a month, he will start to gain weight and his energy will return.

Please give emergency food today to save a child’s life.