Feed & Save Hungry Children!
2X MATCH: Every $11 feeds TWO children for a month

A seemingly perpetual drought has ravaged the land in Somalia—again!

Crops have dried up—as has much of the labor work so many impoverished families rely on to put dinner on their tables. Food is in short supply, prices have sky-rocketed, and hunger has become tragically common.

Children—the most vulnerable—often get hit the hardest. They go to bed hungry … and struggle to sleep. Their little bodies get frail and gaunt, sapped of all energy. Without the vital nutrients they need to grow and develop, they get sicker and sicker.

But your gift today will rush emergency food to a hungry child and save their life!

You’ll give proven-effective Nutripackets—a quick way to deliver desperately needed nutrients to the children who need them. Simply squeezing this peanut-buttery-goodness into a child’s mouth releases all the vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and other nutrition a child needs to satisfy their hungry bellies and restore their health!

Ordinarily, it takes $11 to provide a month’s worth of Nutripackets to a hungry child—but today, thanks to a 2x matching grant, your generosity will go TWICE as far.

This means every $11 you give today will feed TWO children the emergency nutrition they need now—plus equip children and families to feed themselves long-term—in Somalia and beyond!

Your generosity is urgently needed. Children are starving—your gift now will feed them and save their lives with DOUBLE the impact.

Please give now!