Give Food to a Starving Child Today

Your gift will save a little girl like Naserian and restore her to good health.

Two-year-old Naserian doesn’t talk. And she doesn’t walk. She just cries. She is so hungry it’s making her sick. Her tiny body keeps losing weight and she has no energy. But her mother has nothing to feed her. She lives in Northern Kenya where drought has destroyed livestock and crops, and there is not enough food. Naserian is starving.

You can change that … You can save Naserian today with a gift of only $11!

That’s right, $11 provides a month’s worth of emergency Nutripackets to a starving child like Naserian.

These powerful packets of peanut butter paste are filled with all the protein, nutrients, healthy fats, and vitamins that little children like Naserian need. Once she starts eating them, it will seem like a miracle how quickly her body gains strength. She will stop crying, she will begin to respond and play, and she will gain weight within a couple of weeks.

Your gift of $11 will save a child like Naserian from starvation.

Your gift will provide sustainable food sources for children and their families for years to come. Your gift provides:

  • Seeds, equipment, and training in farming
  • Nets, boats, and training in fishing
  • Mother to Mother groups that teach nutrition and healthcare for infants and children

Please give today to feed children right away and in the future.