Bridge the Hunger Gap!

Families in areas of poverty are struggling with a hunger gap. They can’t put enough food on the table for their families.

Please help to change their lives, by giving a generous online gift of love today.

Your response of compassion right now will kickstart a whole new way of life for a family in need. You’ll offer:

  • Emergency food distributions in the areas of most critical need.

  • Nutri-packets to keep children and families from going hungry.

  • Emergency water in areas where clean water is unavailable.

  • You’ll provide seeds and livestock, tools and training, insight and encouragement.

  • You’ll introduce children and families to Jesus.

  • You’ll set miracles in motion.

Your expression of compassion right now will provide whatever measures will ease suffering and change the trajectory of families’ lives …

But always with lasting change as the goal.

It has to start with food and water. No one can function without food and water. We must close the hunger gap. Please give whatever you can today, in Jesus’ name.

Follow your gift with prayer. And let’s see together what God can do!