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In poverty-stricken areas of the world, girls as young as 10 are married off to adult men. Or, sold to sex traffickers … by their parents. These children become innocent victims of the worst kind of abuse and torture. Their safety and security gone. Their education halted. Their dreams for the future smashed. Their lives at risk.

Today, you can pour hope and the promise of a future into the lives of these precious daughters!

It normally only takes $48 dollars to keep a child safe. To educate a young girl to know her rights and say “NO” to child marriage. To train this young girl to recognize sexual predators and avoid being captured by traffickers. To keep a vulnerable child in school and train her to earn a living while she studies …

But today, it only takes $24!

You are already saving children from the threat of sexual slavery and child marriage around the world. Today, you can do it again with 2x the impact!

Please do what you can now. Danger lurks around every corner for vulnerable children of poverty. You can make a difference for 1 … 2 … 4 … or more children, today!