Rescue a Child from the Threat of Trafficking

You can rescue an innocent girl like this from the dangers of trafficking.

In Southeast Asia’s poorest places, children are at great risk of trafficking.

There’s a girl who was taken from her family. She’s most likely been sold into slavery, and the very same thing could happen to her little sister.

Traffickers are waiting to steal children from their families. These evil, merciless people are exploiting the poorest families, and you can do something to stop it.

Just $48 will help rescue an innocent child from the threat of trafficking. And right now, thanks to special matching grants, your gift will DOUBLE to help rescue two children!

Your gift today will help rescue a child in danger of exploitation and abuse. You’ll teach them how to recognize the lies traffickers use, staff a hotline for families to call when they need help, and provide counseling to victims of trafficking.

This trafficker is posing as a friend of the family, but with training the sister will be able to see through his lies. That’s why your gift is so critical. You can help stop trafficking before it even happens.

Please give today to help Seek Out and Stop child trafficking and keep a child safe.