Your Gift DOUBLES to Shine God’s Light into the Darkness for a Family in Poverty

Your gift will shine God’s light into the darkness of poverty and hunger.
Your gift by December 31 will DOUBLE to help TWICE as many families wherever needed most.

Many people around the world are living in the darkness of extreme poverty. Families do not have enough food to eat and drink contaminated water that makes them sick.

You’re needed to shine God’s light into the darkness for a family in poverty.

Your gift today will do so much—sending emergency aid to families affected by disasters, and delivering safe, disease-free water to children, moms, and dads in great need.

And, thanks to special matching grants, your gift by Dec. 31 will DOUBLE to help twice as many families!

You will provide exactly what these families need in a practical, tangible way. Your gift will tell a child, a mom, a dad, that you care - and that you see them.

Because of you, families will see God’s light and love!

Please give today to help a family in extreme need.