Double Your Impact:
To Save Lives and Share God’s Love

Every $1 will become $2 in life-saving aid because of the match, but only until June 30.

The Coronavirus pandemic brought the developed world to a stand-still for months! Now it is predicted to ravage the least developed nations, unless we step up and help:

➞ Refugee camps in Bangladesh are some of the most densely populated in the world — up to 8.5 times more densely populated than the Diamond Princess cruise ship where transmission of the Coronavirus was 4x faster than in Wuhan, China!

➞ Displaced refugees are often overlooked AND face pre-existing challenges to accessing health services, with restrictions that keep them from much needed aid.

➞ Haitian hospitals barely function without the threat of a pandemic. A lethal outbreak here would cause devastation.

➞ Families in nations on lockdown can’t get to the market to sell their goods. After just a few days, they will not have enough food.

A crisis like this destroys already fragile economies and infrastructures!

Thankfully, generous donors have offered to match every dollar donated for a limited time, to help rush life-saving aid to impoverished communities amidst the pandemic.

You can help provide the following for needy families at risk right now:

  • Masks …
  • Gloves …
  • Hygiene products …
  • Training in handwashing and sanitation …
  • As well as emergency food and more.

Every $1 you give will become $2 in life-saving aid because of the match!

Please give what you can now.