Your life-saving gift — doubled in impact! Clean water for struggling families and communities

Water is foundational — by providing access to clean water, you are working to end poverty and suffering — and give children a brighter future!

For people who have no access to fresh water, you can provide clean, safe drinking water through a variety of means, depending on the context and the need:

  • Wells
  • Rainwater catchment systems on schools, homes, community buildings
  • Household water filters
  • Protecting (capping, adding pumps) existing wells

You’ll also help communities install latrines, learn proper hygiene, and improve sanitation. All dependent on clean water.

It takes an average of just $20 to provide clean water for one person — but today your gift will be DOUBLED, and every $20 will provide for two people!

How many will you help today with the life-saving gift of safe, clean water?