Give a Life-Saving Water Filter Today

Manisi drinks dirty water.
Your gift will ensure a child like Manisi has clean, safe water to drink!

Manisi walks for hours every day in search of water to drink. She carries a heavy jug that’s almost half her weight to and from a filthy, dry riverbed. She scoops up handfuls of water into her jug until it’s full, then walks for three hours back to her family at home.

This water is full of bacteria and parasites that make Manisi sick. But it’s the only source of water available.

You can provide Manisi with clean water with the simple gift of a water filter. For only $39, this water filter will remove the dirt and bacteria that are making her sick. And right now your gift will DOUBLE to provide two water filters for a family like Manisi’s!

Manisi is constantly sick because she is drinking this filthy water. Your gift of a water filter will help rescue her and her familiy from this sickness!

Please give today so Manisi and others like her can drink clean, life-giving water.