Give Clean Water

Please give by September 30th so mom’s like Tiila and their children have clean, disease-free water for their families to drink!

Tiila needs your help.

You can give clean, life-giving water to a mom like Tiila today with a water filter that only costs $39. And your gift will DOUBLE to provide water filters to TWO families in need – but only for a limited time!

She walks for miles to the nearest water source only to find it teeming with dirt and crowded with animals.

Moms just like Tiila have no choice but to collect this water and bring it home to their children.

A water filter is a powerful solution for moms with no access to clean water. Dirty water pours into the top of the filter, and safe, disease-free drinking water comes out!

Please give the gift of clean water today and watch it DOUBLE to save twice as many children, families, and communities in great need.