Provide clean water to drink, healthy food to eat, education for a better future!

Access to clean water has a ripple effect that goes well beyond saving lives …

  • The communities you help come together and take pride in maintaining the wells and pumps they’ve been provided.

  • They share water with nearby villages, so other communities are blessed, too.

  • The hours saved—by not having to hike long distances to haul water—can be invested in caring for families and generating new income.

  • Children who aren’t debilitated by waterborne disease excel in school—which means a brighter future!

What a difference you make when you give clean, safe water! And today because of the Life-Giving Water Challenge, the impact of your donation will provide water for many people in need.

So please pray about the best way you can help right now—knowing your gift of life-saving water is also an expression of God’s love, a presentation of the Living Water promised by Christ Himself. Whatever you give will extend the hands of Jesus to people in need. Thank you for your generosity!