Emergency Clean Water Challenge

Your impact multiplied by matching grants—$20 gives life-saving water to 2 people in need!

There is just NO WATER!

  • Years of drought across the Horn of Africa have left dry, parched land where it’s now a desperate struggle for people to survive.

  • Even where the rains have come, there’s no way to catch and store the water, and unprotected watering holes are teeming with dangerous bacteria.

You can provide clean water for children and families in need through emergency help and innovative solutions.

From building rain catchments or providing household water filters to drilling wells or even trucking in clean, safe water—you’ll be keeping children and families alive and making a way for them to escape poverty!

It only takes an average of $20 to provide clean water to one man, woman, or child.

  • Today, thanks to special grants, your gift will be multiplied in impact so every $20 will provide clean water for 2 people!

Please give generously today to help save lives! $100 will provide clean water for 10 people—$1,000 will provide clean water for 100 people—$20 will get clean water to 2 people … whatever you can give will make a big impact!