URGENT: Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Your gift helps rescue a Rohingya family from this new crisis.

Over 700,000 refugees - mostly women and children - have fled to Bangladesh to escape horrific violence in Myanmar.

Rohingya families are living in squalid, unsafe camps, and now what little they have is at risk of being washed away.

Monsoon season has arrived and many families are in danger from rising floodwaters, disease, and lack of shelter. The flooding has been called “a crisis within a crisis.”

It only costs $11 to deliver urgently needed aid, including fortified shelter materials, to a family struggling to survive this crisis. And, because of special matching grants, your gift will TRIPLE to help three families!

Your gift will provide:

  • Fortified shelter materials
  • Emergency food rations
  • Immediate relief in the midst of crisis

Rohingya refugees are some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the world. Your urgent gift today not only provides life-saving aid but lets them know and experience God’s powerful love.

Give now to rescue a refugee family in crisis. Every $11 you give will TRIPLE to help 3X as many families!