URGENT: Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Your gift today will deliver emergency supplies to a refugee family.

Over 700,000 refugees - mostly women and children - have fled to Bangladesh to escape horrific violence in Myanmar.

Rohingya families are arriving with nothing, and are in desperate need of shelter and aid.

It only costs $11 to deliver emergency survival supplies to a refugee family struggling to survive this crisis. And, because of special matching grants, your gift will TRIPLE to help three families!

Your gift will provide:

  • Urgently-needed shelter materials
  • Hygiene kits

Rohingya refugees are some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the world. Your urgent gift today not only provides life-saving aid but lets them know and experience God’s powerful love.

Give now to rescue refugee family in crisis. Every $11 you give will TRIPLE to help 3X as many families!