How Does the 44-Cent Cure Work to Change Lives?

Did you know …

  • 25% of people suffer from intestinal parasites?

  • Intestinal parasites can be contracted by drinking contaminated water?

  • Parasites in little children cause health problems like delayed development, malnutrition, and stunted growth?

Thankfully there’s something you can do to stop this from happening!

The 44-Cent Cure is one of the most effective ways of fighting extreme poverty.

Just one pill kills the worms and expels them from a child’s belly. Stomach pain will stop and they will be able to absorb vital nutrients the worms had been stealing.

Now, children who once had to stay home because of pain can go to school! They will stay healthy and learn, and one day lead their communities out of poverty.

Give today to cure a child of intestinal parasites.