How You’ll Help

Situated just a few miles from the Thai border—a gateway to Thailand’s dangerous and notorious sex tourism industry—the village is a target for traffickers who lure young girls and boys with deceptive offers for work. Many children and families migrate to Thailand, only to disappear and never be heard from again.

Although it rains at certain times of the year in this area, there is little or no access to safe drinking water. Moms are forced to scoop contaminated water from murky streams. Without toilets or an understanding of good hygiene, many children are sick from water borne diseases.

You can help change all this. With your support, the village of Thongkouang will be transformed into a thriving, self-sufficient community with healthy, safe, educated children. Your monthly gift of $39 will help provide:

  1. Awareness training and vocational skills for young people
  2. Income opportunities and improved farming techniques so parents can feed their children
  3. Access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene training
  4. Education for children
  5. The establishment of youth centers to protect children from trafficking and keep them safe

For $39 a month, you will make a powerful and significant investment in the lives of struggling families.

Hope is coming to Thongkouang … Through your support, you’ll walk alongside families here, as together, we see One Village Transformed.