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Most countries where we work are prone to disasters: flooding, hurricanes, typhoons, drought, earthquakes and war. We're helping communities prepare for future disasters in Haiti, Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya, Chad, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

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How We Help

An empowered and prepared community is a safe community. We work with local leaders and government agencies to develop evacuation plans, carry out trainings and form local emergency response teams.

Early warning systems / are crucial to protecting communities and saving lives. An effective system uses signs, sounds, words or images to tell people of an imminent threat so they can prepare and plan accordingly. For example in Bangladesh, communities use a system of flags to warn residents of a storm or other threat. Each flag represents a different level of danger informing people of what action to take.

Safe & Secure Shelters / It is said that disasters do not kill people, buildings and other hazards do. Ensuring buildings and other critical infrastructure like roads and bridges are secure can save lives. We assist communities in retrofitting buildings and building emergency evacuation centers. We also train local masons and builders how to use safe building techniques.

Community Education / Public awareness campaigns in schools, health centers and churches help inform people about personal preparedness and how to easily access important resources in their community such as weather bulletins, emergency kits and relevant news.

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Together, we provide opportunities for lasting change and sustainable improvements in the health, lives, and livelihoods of those in greatest need.