Who We Serve

We’re able to reach the most vulnerable in remote areas of Haiti. Our desire is to serve communities who often receive little or no outside assistance. Although we seek to empower all people, we focus particularly on meeting the needs of women and children.

How We Help

World Concern has worked in Haiti more than 30 years, serving the poorest through disaster relief and long-term development. Our staff walks with people for as long as it takes equipping them with tools to earn an income and live better lives.

  • Education Education

    Access to education offers hope for a better life to children whose families cannot afford school. World Concern provides access to education and agricultural training.

  • Microfinance Microcredit

    Loans enable those who have no access to a fair credit system to start businesses.

  • Food SecurityFood Security

    Poor farmers are equipped to grow healthier, more productive crops with resources like seeds, fertilizers, tools and training.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Disaster Risk Reduction

    While it’s an ongoing effort, we’ve helped thousands of people settle back into homes, find jobs and rebuild their lives after disasters in Haiti.

Pastor Charité

At World Concern, we feel called to serve in some of the poorest, most remote, hard-to-reach places in the world. Places with little or no infrastructure or resources to help the people who live there. If your calling is to reach out to the “least of these,” then you’ve come to the right place.

Where We Serve Haiti Kenya Bangladesh