Who We Serve

World Concern offers medical clinic services in Bangladesh, Uganda, Haiti, and Kenya. We incorporate HIV and AIDS prevention programs into our programs throughout Africa and Asia, and provide deworming medication to children in Somalia, South Sudan, Haiti, Bangladesh, and several partnership countries. We also provide medical treatment and care to people living with leprosy in Somalia.

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How We Help

Our health programs are aimed at the poorest, most vulnerable of the population—those who have no other means of obtaining healthcare. They are treated with respect and Christ-like love.

Urban Medical Clinics / In urban areas, World Concern operates neighborhood medical clinics to ensure basic healthcare is within walking distance for the poorest families. These clinics provide examinations, prenatal care for pregnant women, medication and vaccinations, ensuring children have a chance to grow up healthy.

Vaccinations / World Concern offers vaccinations to children, providing lifelong protection from infectious diseases such as TB, polio, hepatitis and measles, which thrive in crowded, impoverished slums. In Bangladesh, we immunize more than 6,000 children each year. With support from people like you, we’ll be able to immunize thousands more this year.

The 44-Cent Cure44-Cent Cure (Deworming) / Since 2007 World Concern has treated nearly more than 15 million people in hundreds of communities worldwide with the 44-Cent Cure—a combination of deworming medicine and vitamin A that cures children of intestinal parasites. Children’s stomach aches go away and they’re able to absorb nutrients from their food. They’re also able to sleep better, grow properly, and return to school.


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Together, we provide opportunities for lasting change and sustainable improvements in the health, lives, and livelihoods of those in greatest need.