Who We Serve

In some places around the world, families don’t have enough food to eat. Poverty, drought, disasters, and outdated farming practices all contribute to a shortage of food. Children become malnourished and, without enough food to eat and grow, many do not survive.

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How We Help

You can send emergency nutrition to feed a starving child today. You can also help families grow their own food long-term.

Depending on the culture and resources within a community, you’ll help meet specific needs and make sure families have enough food for years to come.

Emergency Nutrition for a Child / In places where children are hungry and malnourished, powerful nutrition comes in the form of emergency ‘nutripackets,’ full of essential vitamins and minerals that help nourish a starving child back to health. Each child receives a one to three month supply of nutripackets and is carefully monitored to make sure they grow and develop properly.

Farming Support / You can equip hungry families with long-term solutions to hunger and poverty. In addition to teaching farmers how to grow better crops, you’ll help teach the business side of farming. Families learn sustainable farming practices to produce steady sources of nutrition (and income) that will last for generations.


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Together, we provide opportunities for lasting change and sustainable improvements in the health, lives, and livelihoods of those in greatest need.