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World Concern offers vocational training, providing job skills and income opportunities in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, South Sudan, and Laos.

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How We Help

Our vocational training programs carefully match the needs of a community with skills that are taught, to ensure students are able to use their skills and get a job after completion. We place a special emphasis on women in our vocational training programs, as they are often treated unequally and expected to support their families. However, men and women of all ages have the opportunity to learn a skill through our programs.

Mechanical Skills Meet Vital Needs / In South Sudan, people rely on motorbikes for transportation, but many of them sit broken and abandoned. Through World Concern’s vocational training center young men learn mechanical skills so they can repair motorcycles for income, and at the same time, meet a vital need in the community. At this same school, young women and men learn to drive, giving them a highly sought-after skill and the ability to be hired as a paid driver.

Tailoring Clothing Provides Community Service / In many communities where we work, people are not able to afford new clothes because they are imported from elsewhere. Our vocational schools offers classes in sewing and tailoring so women can make clothing, thereby earning an income and providing affordable clothing to their neighbors in their community.

Craft Skills Protect Children and Women from Trafficking / In Southeast Asia, we protect children from being trafficked into slavery by giving them a basic education and job skills, such as sewing or jewelry making. Being able to earn income safely means they’ll be less likely to be lured by traffickers’ false promises of income. Adults also have the opportunity to learn sewing and computer skills so they can earn enough to educate and provide for their own children.


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Together, we provide opportunities for lasting change and sustainable improvements in the health, lives, and livelihoods of those in greatest need.