Who We Serve

In Kenya, we serve the poorest and most vulnerable of the population—those who live in remote villages or are not reached by other assistance.

How We Help

  • Water Clean Water & Sanitation

    Working closely with community leaders to determine the most sustainable water sources, we help communities build water systems, including rainwater harvesting and wells. We also encourage and support the construction of safe latrines and provide training about the importance of sanitation and hygiene.

  • Microfinance Accumulated Savings and Credit Associations (ASCAs)

    We help women and men create business opportunities through small business loans and village banks that are community run. These bring lasting change to poor communities and offer a sense of dignity to members who are able to support themselves and their families.

  • One Village TransformedOne Village Transformed (OVT)

    With a specific focus on holistic development, we partner donors with a specific village as residents work to transform their lives and community long-term. The transformation includes improvements such as education, clean water, expanded livelihoods, and spiritual transformation.

  • Vocational TrainingLivelihoods

    Individuals and families are equipped with resources and skills to expand limited livelihoods and develop sustainable sources of income.

  • Food Security Food security

    Farmers learn better farming methods as well adding more valuable crops to increase incomes, reduces post-harvest losses and provides an ongoing food supply for entire communities.

  • Water Solar lighting

    Lighting up schools and homes in remote off grid villages with solar lanterns means better health (no kerosene fumes), students who can study at night, and income for women who are trained to install solar lighting.


At World Concern, we feel called to serve in some of the poorest, most remote, hard-to-reach places in the world. Places with little or no infrastructure or resources to help the people who live there. If your calling is to reach out to the “least of these,” then you’ve come to the right place.

Where We Serve Haiti Kenya Bangladesh