Who We Serve

World Concern has water and sanitation projects in Kenya, Somalia, Chad, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Haiti.

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How We Help

We target the poorest, most vulnerable communities to receive water projects. Many of those we serve live in drought-affected and remote areas.

Clean Water / With you, we help deliver clean, safe drinking water to communities living without this life-saving resource. We dig and repair wells, and construct rainwater catchment systems and reservoirs to hold clean water. The water source depends on the specific needs of a community, and the availability of fresh water near the surface.

Sanitation / Because clean water and sanitation go hand in hand, your support will also enable us to install latrines. However, in some cultures, using a latrine is completely unknown. To ensure healthy habits are formed, we train community members who in turn train others about the importance of using latrines to avoid contaminating the water.

Hygiene Training / You’ll help teach people about the importance of hygiene for health. Hygiene trainers educate others about the importance of hand-washing to health. Through our programs, families are better protected from illness, including diarrheal disease, which kills 1.5 million children every year.


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Together, we provide opportunities for lasting change and sustainable improvements in the health, lives, and livelihoods of those in greatest need.