How You'll Help

When your church sponsors a village, you’re taking part in the transformation of a community in lasting ways. Working with village leaders, we help identify the specific needs of the village and the community takes part in its own transformation. Although each village is unique, some of the most critical needs in the areas where we work include:

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  • Child Protection

    Protecting Children

    Take a stand to protect the lives of children whose circumstances make them vulnerable to trafficking, exploitation and abuse, offering them safe alternatives and hope for a better future.

  • Education


    Education is the path out of poverty. The families we work with know this, but many lack income to pay for their children to attend school. Provide ways for those in need to learn.

  • Microfinance

    Empowering Entrepreneurs

    Sometimes all it takes is a spark to ignite hope in the heart of a woman living in extreme poverty. That spark can come in the form of a micro-loan and training to grow a successful business.

  • Food Security

    Feeding Families

    We provide the necessary tools, training, and supplies for farmers to grow healthier, more productive crops, enabling them to feed their families and support a lucrative livelihood.

  • Child & Maternal Health

    Improving Health

    Poor health and poverty are intertwined, creating a cycle that’s difficult to break. We offer immediate help to those who are sick and suffering, and resources for better health to entire communities.

  • Water

    Providing Clean Water

    It’s one of our most basic needs as human beings, yet one person in nine lacks access to clean water. We’re working to change that. Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene go hand in hand to save lives.

One Church Transformed

Westminster Presbyterian Church stepped out in faith to walk alongside the village of Harako, a community facing a desperate situation. To the delight of the Westminster congregation, Harako has blossomed in amazing ways. What they weren’t expecting was their church being transformed as well. Watch the video of how One Church and One Village were transformed.

One Village Transformed

When the people of Harako, Chad returned to their village after the Darfur crisis, they found nothing. No sign their village ever existed. No means to rebuild. But through their own hard work—and with the support of World Concern and Westminster Presbyterian Church—the village has rebuilt and is now thriving.