You can make a life-changing impact in this village. We’ve got the experience in bringing long-term change, and our plan to transform this community starts with you.

World Concern’s One Village Transformed partnership matches you with the families in Empura for three years. Where and when it’s needed most, you’ll provide food security, education, and better health for the moms, dads, and little ones that are so desperate for a brighter future.

Your support will provide moms like Naseeku with clean water and more. Right now, mothers and girls in Empura have to take backbreaking walks to collect water from a dirty source. The journey takes up to four-hours and moms like Naseeku usually travel at night to avoid the scorching daytime temperatures. It’s dangerous for her to be outside, and away from her children, but Naseeku has little choice.

“When I go far away,” she says, “I can only fetch a little water, which I then use sparingly.”

Once she reaches the water, Naseeku fills her plastic bucket and hauls it all the way back home.

With you, World Concern will walk alongside moms like Naseeku, and the families in Empura, helping them build their lives and find lasting solutions to their problems. Together, we’ll focus on sustainable change, so they can stand on their own.