After fleeing the Darfur conflict, and spending several years in refugee camps, the people of Harako returned home in hopes of restarting their lives. But they returned to nothing. Homes and crops had been destroyed. To reach water, women walked for 30 minutes. Children were sick, and spent their days wandering the village, with no school.

In partnership with Westminster Presbyterian Church, World Concern is walking alongside families in Harako, helping them build their lives and their community from the ground up. Together, we’re focusing on long-term solutions, so they can stand on their own. Hope is flourishing in Harako, as we are seeing One Village Transformed.

Our priorities over these next three years will include:

Food Security / Enough food through improved farming techniques

Clean Water / Bringing clean water, sanitation and hygiene training

Education / Supporting the community to build and staff a new school

Your support makes a powerful and significant investment in the lives of struggling families in Harako.