Women do most of the work to grow food, but with no knowledge of farming techniques, they spend long days in the hot sun trying to plow small plots by hand on their knees. During the rainy season, the village floods frequently, destroying their hard work.

Between harvests, most families eat just once a day, and many children are malnourished and sick. The nearest medical clinic is a 45-minute walk. The nearest school is an hour and a half away.

But there is something else that is unique in the village of Mayen… a spiritual openness. People are hungry for God. As transformation takes place in this village, there is great potential for it to be at the heart level.

With you, World Concern will walk alongside families in Mayen, helping them build their lives and their community from the ground up. Together, we’ll focus on long-term solutions, equipping them with the tools they need so they can stand on their own.