You can help us reach children and families in this village. We’ve got a plan and experience bringing long-term change to villages like this that includes food security, education, better health, and a future beyond extreme poverty.

Sometimes you might feel powerless to help people suffering in poverty. The problems seem too big. Our perspective: We can’t change the whole world, but together, we can see One Village Transformed.

World Concern’s campaign matches you with the community of Tessou, Chad, for three years. With your support, we will work with the community to accomplish specific goals as they begin to see a better future emerge.

Since 2004, the Janjaweed (armed militia) have attacked Tessou three times; each time killing, stealing, and burning people, animals, and property.

After the first attack on Tessou, survivors were forced to flee for their lives – carrying only the clothes on their backs and hiding in the bush for weeks. Eventually they made their way to a camp for displaced families, where they have remained for the past 10 years.

Eager to farm and re-claim their land, families have finally resettled in Tessou and are starting over with nothing. All of their livestock were stolen by the Janjaweed. Thus, they have turned to farming – a trade that is challenging in an incredibly harsh environment.

Children are constantly sick from the water that they travel for hours each day to gather. They have no school; in fact, no one knows how to read or write. And they still live in fear that the Janjaweed may come again…

Abdel “I hope that one day I will be able to build a home so that my family will join me from the camps. I pray that Tessou will one day be large as it was before,” said Abdel, an elderly man born and raised in Tessou.

With you, World Concern will walk alongside families in Tessou, helping them build their lives and their community from the ground up. Together, we’ll focus on long-term solutions, so they can stand on their own.