Save a Girl from Child Marriage

A 9-year-old girl is about to be married. Your gift of a scholarship can save her.

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Deliver Clean, Safe Water

Right now, your gift of $39 doubles to provide clean water for Rebecca and as many people like her.

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Rush Emergency Food to a Child

Your $12 gift flies a month’s supply of nutripackets to a hungry child in Somalia.

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Rescue a Child

Your gift will be DOUBLED to protect twice as many children from trafficking.

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Save a Girl from Child Marriage

Your gift sends her to school for an entire year and saves her from becoming a child bride.

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Somalia Drought

Your urgent gift of $34 will deliver water and emergency nutrition to starving children like Saleban.

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44 Cents Cures a Child

Cure a child from painful parasites and restore her to health for just 44 cents!

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Crisis in South Sudan

Your gift of $47 today gives a displaced family an Emergency Survival Kit. Help a displaced family now.

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