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What We Do

One Village Transformed

At World Concern, our approach to village transformation is holistic and addresses not only the physical needs in a community, but spiritual ones as well. We start by listening to community members. Each village identifies their greatest needs and drives the process of change. We partner with them, providing support, expertise, and practical tools—all in the power and love of Jesus.

The process is not always easy, and it’s sometimes messy. But through tried and proven methods that bring lasting change, entire villages are transformed.

How We Help

The context in each village is unique. We start with the most critical, urgent needs: water, food, and safety. Long-term, families are equipped to earn income and support themselves. They become healthier, and begin to save and plan for the future. And through it all, they experience the transformative power of God’s love.

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Where We Help

Through World Concern, you have the unique, life-changing opportunity to walk alongside one village through the process of transformation. You’ll help bring clean water, empower parents to earn income, educate and protect children, improve health, and see lives transformed spiritually with the love of Jesus Christ.

There is a village, far beyond where the road ends, that is ready for change. Poverty has gripped the families in this village for generations. With you, this generation could be the last.

Where & Why

Why We Are There

Lack of infrastructure in remote regions of Chad means families have little or no access to healthcare and education. Frequent natural disasters and conflict.


Extreme poverty, families displaced by conflict, lack of food, disease, limited access to education.

Programming Focus

Holistic community development, including clean water, nutrition, economic empowerment, education, and spiritual development.