Join World Concern in what God is doing at the end of the road

Thanks for listening to the “End of the Road” podcast and for your interest in World Concern!

World Concern is about extremes. We go to the end of the road to serve people in extreme need because we have an extreme calling—to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a broken world. We follow Him to the thirsty. The hungry. Exploited. Traumatized. Forgotten. We listen. Walk alongside. Equip and train.

We don’t just go to the end of the road—we keep going. To places others can’t or won’t go. Places that are hard to reach, dangerous, forgotten. We are there.

World Concern came to the end of the dirt road. Then they began flattening the bush and grass, making the road longer, to reach the people who need help.

– Deng, former witch doctor turned pastor in South Sudan

Families living in extreme poverty in remote villages are ready and waiting for change. Through your gift, you’ll walk alongside moms, dads, and little ones as they move from poverty to an abundant, transformed life.

Compassionate people like you make this work possible.

Ready to make an impact? We invite you to join us at the end of the road. Our prayer is that you’ll be transformed on this journey too.