Mother and child face drought and starvation

3x Impact to Feed Hungry Children NOW!

Across South Sudan, Somalia and the Horn of Africa, millions face potential famine. The next 90 days are critical.

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Give a Goat and More

Meet the critical need of a child or family living in poverty.

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Provide the 44-Cent Cure

Deliver children from the scourge of intestinal parasites!

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Give Clean Water

You can deliver safe, clean water for children and families in need.

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Donate to the Free Them 5k!

Together we can protect 3000 kids from trafficking and abuse!

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Sponsor a Village

Families living in extreme poverty in remote villages are ready and waiting for change. With your $39 monthly gift, you’ll walk alongside moms, dads, and little ones in a specific village as they move from poverty to an abundant, transformed life.

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Not Your Typical Mission Field

World Concern is a Christian relief and development organization working in the poorest, most remote places – places many have called hopeless. With your help, we go to the people who live every day with the threat of famine, drought, war, sickness, and despair.

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Somali women walking in the dessert
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Our Approach to Poverty is Different.

We start by listening. Every community’s needs are unique, and we help each village identify ways they can improve their lives. Empowered individuals mobilize their communities. They take ownership of the work and become agents of their own change. With the support of people like you, and the experience of World Concern, families and villages become self-sufficient.

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Compassionate people like you make this work possible.

Ready to make an impact? We invite you to join us at the end of the road. Our prayer is that you’ll be transformed on this journey too.

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You can change a life today!

Your gift will make an incredible impact in some of the most difficult places on earth.

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