Every $20 you give provides clean, safe water for one person—and demonstrates God’s love in real, practical ways!

Every $20 you give now will provide access to clean, safe water for one person. And for a family that has been forced to struggle for survival without access to clean water, it will be a real miracle!

Contaminated water makes people sick—children suffer the worst, with constant infections, bouts of waterborne disease, diarrhea, and parasites.

Sick children can’t attend school, or if they go, they can’t pay attention and usually fall behind or drop out altogether.

But your gift of clean, safe water can heal their bodies, so they can stay in school, and set them on the path to a brighter future, so that your gift of water will also be a presentation of the Living Water promised by Christ Himself!

Every $20 provides water for one person. How many miracles will you make happen?