Save a Girl from Child Marriage

Save a girl from child marriage!
Your $50 gift today saves a girl from becoming a child bride.

Nabaru is a young, nine-year-old girl who lives in Northern Kenya and is about to be married off to a 35-year-old man in her village. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. She doesn’t want to get married and dreams of going to school to become a teacher.

But Nabaru’s family is very poor and cannot afford to send her to school. For her family, school for one child would cost more than one month’s wages and an early marriage means there is one less mouth to feed.

You can help save a girl like Nabaru from marriage with the gift of a scholarship. A scholarship for one girl only costs $50 and means she can stay in school for an entire year!

When a girl is able to go to school, she’s six times less likely to be married. And when she’s able to learn and continue her studies, her entire future can change.

You can save a young girl like Nabaru from child marriage by giving the gift of a scholarship today.

Please give before August 30 so we know how many girls can be saved from child marriage with scholarships.